What is SUAS?


Our public speaking course SUAS (Stand Up and Speak) is a tried and tested programme designed to teach the basics of public speaking and how to overcome the common fear of speaking in public. The programme focuses on ‘learning by doing’ to get you on your feet and speaking whatever the occasion. 

Whether it is a work presentation, a wedding speech, a team meeting or any unexpected event, our public speaking course will help you conquer the fear of public speaking and teach you the basic skills to become a better speaker.

Our public speaking course is held over 3 evenings across 3 consecutive weeks. Each class is limited to 8 participants and lasts approx. 2.5 hours.


Sessions Overview

The first session introduces you to the basic fundamentals of good public speaking. It breaks down the myths associated with public speaking and explains why we react as we do when asked to speak in front of an audience.


This session teaches the basic building blocks to effective public speaking. In particular, this session focuses on speaking ‘off-the-cuff’ and shows you how to cope when you’re suddenly asked to speak with no notes or advanced preparation.

The last session is about building on the lessons learnt so far. It seeks to move you away from the fear of public speaking to the task at hand i.e. preparing a well-structured speech. In this final session, we cover a number of different speaking scenarios including ‘competitive’ speaking and speaking from memory with no notes whatsoever.

All SUAS public speaking programmes are designed and facilitated by Dermot Goode, who overcame his own fear of public speaking to become an accomplished speaker and presenter. He is in demand as an expert in the field and regularly appears on live radio and TV and in print media. Dermot works with SUAS participants at all skill levels, to help them overcome their nerves and anxiety to prepare for multiple speaking scenarios. The group sizes are deliberately small to allow for one to one support and to ensure there is adequate time to practice these new skills in a supportive environment. 

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Alternatively, you can contact us on 086 3890560