Dermot Goode is the leading health insurance expert in Ireland and is no stranger to public speaking. This includes dealing with the media, giving radio and television interviews, presenting at corporate conferences and national healthcare events and giving presentations to both large and small audiences around the country. He has a passion for public speaking and has been described as “the best speaker in his field in the country” today. 

However, public speaking wasn’t always easy for him.  As he tells all his students, it took him years to overcome a total fear of public speaking which at sometimes was paralysing. A unique feature of his public speaking courses is that he will teach you practical techniques that really work, but more importantly, he will show you the ones that do not!!

Dermot designed the SUAS (Stand Up And Speak) programme to share his knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to overcome their fear of public speaking. 


Dermot has three key messages on public speaking which should resonate with everyone.


Everybody can learn how to be an effective speaker


Don’t leave it until you get caught out


"If I can do it, anyone can" – Dermot Goode