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Dermot Goode is the leading health insurance expert in Ireland and is no stranger to public speaking.  He has held senior management and consultancy positions in various organisations and has built up a wealth of experience in the public speaking arena.  This includes dealing with the media, giving radio and television interviews, presenting at corporate conferences and national healthcare events and giving presentations to both large and small audiences around the country. He has a passion for public speaking and has been described as “the best speaker in his field in the country” today. He lectures with the Irish Brokers Association and the Insurance Institute of Ireland and has lectured previously with the Irish Management Institute and the Dublin Institute of Technology.

He is also a past member of Toastmasters and he understands fully the importance of ‘top performance’ when speaking in public. However, public speaking wasn’t always easy for him.  As he tells all his students, it took him years to overcome a total fear of public speaking which at sometimes was paralysing.  A unique feature of his public speaking courses is that he will teach you practical techniques that really work but more importantly, he will show you the ones that do not!!

In 2002, Dermot designed the SUAS (Stand Up And Speak) programme and since then he has been working with individuals and companies to teach them the essentials of effective public speaking.  There are courses to suit everyone from individuals to corporate entities to schools, associations etc.  Dermot also gives presentations to industry groups, trade associations and networks on the importance of effective public speaking and the pitfalls to avoid.

He has three key messages on public speaking which should resonate with everyone.

1.    Everybody can learn how to be an effective speaker

2.    Don’t leave it until you get caught out

3.    “If I can do it, anyone can”


Public Speaking Training

Harvest – The People Development Specialists

Founded in 1984, Harvest is a consultancy firm of People Development Specialists with 26 years of experience of working with both organisations and individuals to help them enhance their personal and professional development. Harvest is an accredited training centre with FETAC, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Institute of Leadership and Management and FAS.

All of our public speaking programmes are managed through our partners in Harvest.  Whilst Dermot Goode is responsible for the design and delivery of all the public speaking programmes, Harvest deal with all customer enquiries regarding our courses, facilitate any special requirements and organise venues etc.  For more details on Harvest, please click on the following link